The UI needs to be rescaled

I just messed around in the newest nightly and noticed that the UI, in some cases, was just too small or hard to read. It seemed more geared towards larger monitors at higher resolution, not necessarily a 21-inch 1080p monitor.

#The Title Screen

The buttons for the different gamemodes are nice and big but the friends list is very small. I had a little trouble telling what the text said.

#Plaza HUD

The amount of credits the player has/location/Show Inventory prompt is way too small. Since this area ALSO doubles as a way to tell players how to leave the piano or other things, this needs to be bigger. The connected players list is also criminally small.

#Pause/Appearance Menu

The pause menu isn’t bad, but the appearance menu is really small for no apparent reason. There’s a lot of screen space that can be used, even if it’s just increasing the size vertically and bumping up the text size a bit.


The inventory could stand to be a little bigger. It feels small, even when it’s expanded.

#Waiting for Players

This screen is okay. I wouldn’t mind it being bigger, but it’s fine right now.

#Minigolf HUD

This, to me, is a good size. It’s much bigger than the Plaza HUD and, in my opinion, is only a little bigger than the Plaza HUD needs to be.

#Ball Race HUD

Good size.


Way too small and inconsistent with the big gameworld HUD.

#Planet Panic HUD

These menus are a good size but the text inside feels too small.

This suffers from the same problem as the Plaza HUD. The timer at the top is too big (and could just count down from 120 instead of 2:00 to save space) for the scoreboard (which feels small) and I honestly didn’t now there was a life meter and ball counter down at the lower left until after I took the screenshot.

#Virus HUD

The timer at the top feels a little small. I didn’t have anyone to play a proper round of Virus with so I wasn’t able to see the whole HUD.

Small scoreboard is small. The payout UI is also ridiculously tiny.


These do look like some critical issues. Definitely needs to get fixed.

It would be cool to have a UI resize slider, as the UI currently looks great on larger monitors. It would be hard to have a “one size fits all” for the UI that looks good on big and small monitors.




This feature was added to the settings menu in the latest nightly build. However, the UI scale does not save upon exiting the game at the moment. The default scale was also increased slightly for 1080p screens.