The Stray


Isn’t it a little morbid that The Stray sells his/her own kind for money? :fearful:
It’s obvious that catsacks feel pain when opened, it’s pretty screwed up.


I detect massive amounts of edge here.


I don’t think Kalleria (I think that’s her name) is a catsack.


Very clearly the same thing as


haha yeah indeed isn’t that crazy??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:
how do you know that catsacks possess nerves which they can feel pain with, or any neural system for that matter
I only want to know where you open the catsacks. If this gives you dirty thoughts then nobody but you are to blame.


Look at those soulless eyes. You can tell she has issues


its kinda like selling limbless human piñatas that are full of gold bars. Oh and they also scream when you open them.