The Solar and Waterhole Update (



  • Added new Virus map: Solar
  • Minigolf - Waterhole was updated
  • You can now sell Condos through the Inventory tab
  • Added LOD’s to all player models. Note: Near view distance setting will affect these LOD’s
  • Drop down UI menus no longer close when your mouse moves off them (you have to click off them to close or select an option)
  • Increased scrollbar width on Inventory UI to make it easier to scroll
  • Added new items: Football, Football Net, Metal Keg, Wood Keg

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Lobby server browser not refreshing on first load
  • Fixed collision issues with closet in House
  • Fixed Modern Entertainment Cabinet not being colorable
  • Virus: Fixed Sonic Shotgun charge sound being really loud


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Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Great job on the update y’all! Waterhole update looks great, glad it happened. Also, Solar looks rad! Lifeless and Johanna did great here ;3


Awe, I just finished the hot fix update download


Slacking on the TU puns, I see :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, greaT Update. I cant wait to try out Solar and the new Waterhole, they look awesome.


Where is the Wood Keg


The extra detail on Waterhole in both scenery, and near the holes, is nice looking.

Any chance this will occur on other maps? Thinking Treasure Cove, as it fluctuates between 40-60fps rapidly :3 ? Altitude & Alpine could use some additional scenery and objects too to fall in line with the rest as they seem a bit plain.


No TU puns?

1/10 Unplayable


Didn’t they say TU puns only come on major updates only?


The puns come on every update that isn’t just a hotfix. This update was large enough to have one.


Where in the inventory tab can you sell condos? cant figure it out :confused:


You gotta pause the game and go to your inventory through there.

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