The single gameworlds port isn't going to work- ping


I’d rather have a map that loads one minute than a map that loads fifteen minutes. And as long as people from different regions show up as ghosts (or not at all if the whole thing gets too full) I think it’s a good change.

One thing that has been bugging me for years now though is having a server browser easily accessible from the main menu. It has ruined everything I liked about queuing up for games in Gmod Tower.
There’s no point in going to the gameworld ports, you can just join any game you like from the server browser. And that’s not very social if you ask me. Get rid of the server browser, optimize the shit out of the gameworld port map and you have a nice, centralized meeting point that’s quick to load.

But hey, that’s just my 0.02€.


Couldn’t agree more. I’ve always hated that the gameworld are accessible from the menu. The condos too, for that matter. The game feels so much more disconnected than Gmod tower.


^^^ also agreed, but i guess it makes the game more accessible to people if they dont want to have to talk to people ingame (even though its a social game like what’s the point in playing if your not gonna socialize) or if you just want to get directly into a gameworld game without any hassle. but yeah all the stuff being on the menu makes it so the plaza isn’t the central hub like its supposed to be (now its the menu) and the plaza is just a place where there are some more activities and the shops are.

I wish Tower unite was like gmod tower but i guess they are not the same even though i want them to be.

(also one thing i would like for the future, an option that can be turned on in settings to auto load into a plaza server of your choice when you start up the game
This will be turned of by default but i would like it since everytime i start up tower unite i have to keep manually loading up the plaza through the menu and it will make the game feel better i could do this)

Replacing the Menu Screen - Using lobbies as a "Hub" instead

Yeah, they’ve said before that the idea is to make things more accessible but I still don’t like it. Like you said, the plaza is no longer the central hub that it was in Gmod tower and I really miss that.


It takes you fifteen minutes to load the plaza?? It only takes me like, 30 seconds on my M.2 SSD. It was slower on my hard drive, but not astronimcally. How dated is your hardware?


some people dont have SSDs you know that right?


I have one, I just don’t put my games on it.
If Talos Principle, a complete game made in Unreal, can load its huge detailed levels in under a second on my HDD, so can Tower Unite. This game is just horribly unoptimized.


It’s not Unreal Engine 4, it’s Serious Engine 4, their Serious Sam engine.


Hence why I said “It was slower on my hard drive, but not astronomically”. As in like maybe another 30 seconds or so? Which is what leads me to believe he is hitting a hardware bottleneck.


Whoops, I didn’t do research.
Then have a different game as an example, like Fortnite. Huge, detailed map that loads quickly.
Hell, just look at any popular Unreal Engine 4 game.
I get that it’s “Early Access” and you have tried to reduce the load times but it’s still atrocious an an HDD. It may not be 15 minutes like I initially claimed but loading the menu and plaza back to back takes ~10 minutes and that’s way too long.


That game is made by Epic Games, the creators of Unreal 4 Engine. They are a massive studio of engineers that have a dedicated team that constantly change the engine itself to improve Fornite load times. We are an indie studio with around 3-4 programmers.

We’re always improving load times in each update, but it’s by no means an easy task. We have a lot of assets in the Plaza and the Plaza is very open, making it harder to hide loading elements. We also want to avoid stuttering the game as you load things in, which is pretty tricky.


@Mikusch You also have to consider the monumental level of complication coding for Unreal 4 has. Its not your typical run-of-the mill software. The mere fact that this game is going as strong as it is is because there is a dedicated community and a dedicated, hardworking team of devs working on improving the game with every step. If you’re havin trouble loading TU on that Turbo Potato of a HDD, then get an SDD and swap it over. Its Reepy Cheepy Lemon Squeezy. Yes I know it can be expensive, but its still exceptionally more practical than an HDD.


I think you miss the point, he doesn’t want to, he should have to.
Yes it’s more practical, but it’s not something you should be RECOMMEDED to play the game and enjoy it more, it should be fine regardless of SSD or HDD, and while there is technical reasons as to why they are better, that shouldn’t matter too much, it’s a monumental difference.

This next bit is really rude sorry. (At least I think so)

But isn’t the majority of the games written in blueprints? and aren’t they shown to be lesser performance wise over C++? I mean this is all information based on what I read from the forums and such, maybe it isn’t true anymore, maybe my knowledge is old, but this is all iirc.


For Tower Unite, most of the code is actually C++. Blueprints are used to call C++ functions for faster development of game logic (quicker to change the Blueprint variables and easier for item design). All the major internal stuff is done in C++ and any heavy functions. UI is done in Blueprints, though, because of UMG, but they often call C++ functions, which is faster than just native Blueprint.


Oh alright cool