The secret to becoming the ultimate gamer!

Tell me how long you last, guys.

I lasted until 0:06.

I quit before it played

You are the wisest of us all.

I’ve been strengthened by cringe videos over the years, THIS IS NOTHING!

Quit when he said “According to experts, like me!” (1:00)

I stopped after the ‘Crash, and burn!’ bit when the cheesy fire effect played. (0:37)

I paused a bunch along the way to cringe, but 0:54 was when I had enough.

Me after 20 seconds.

And I liked that coffee.

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Honest question though, do these people legitimately spend money on these commercials and think we’re stupid enough to fall for them, or does every company have this guy undercover who wants to give us a big laugh?

They’re actually appealing to a demographic that would be explicitly learned about this stuff.