The Return of GMT Maps

I’m feeling that some old maps that have been present in good ol’ GMT should make a return to Unite.

Sewage and Aztec were pretty fun and most played maps, and they had pretty good settings for Virus. Sandbar was also a pretty good minigolf map that could be reworked into Unite. Maybe even Paradice for Ball Race?

I’m fine with with the going original approach, but these maps can be pretty good and offer a bunch of nostalgia.

Many maps were remade like:
Minigolf: Sandbar (treasure cove), Waterhole, Karafuru Gardens (Garden), Snowfall (Alpine), And maybe moon as an emission.
Ballrace: Memories, paradise, Sky world as nimbus, and Midori (In gmt Oblivious)
Virus: Dust (Desertation), Hospital

Also there are some crossover maps like there will be subway in virus that is remake of subway in PVP BATTLE

Well i don’t think most of them will come back BUT you can wait for workshop, on 95% there will be somebody who will port all original maps

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We’re already going to get Forest back for Minigolf, and we’ve already gotten back Hospital and Desertion for Virus, and Memories for Ball race. Not only that, but many parts of other maps, both current and upcoming, have been taken from or inspired by other GMT maps. So, in short, we are getting a bunch of this stuff back, but not in the exact way it was back in Garry’s Mod Tower.

The reason the maps aren’t direct ports is because, while the maps in GMT were fun, many had flaws that the devs want to iron out. Hence, themes and certain design choices are recycled while the unsatisfactory parts of the maps are cut and replaced with more enjoyable aspects.

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not really lol the designs are completely different


The only remasters in our game currently are Ball Race: Memories (with the level split removed), Virus: Hospital (layout changes), and Virus: Desertion (layout changes, new underground area) and soon to be Minigolf: Forest.

The rest of the maps were designed from the ground up, though they may share similarities in visual themes.

We have plans to bring more of the classic GMT maps back into Tower Unite, but other than Forest nothing to announce yet.