The Pub?

It would be cool if you build something like a cafeteria. With a good atmosphere (maybe classically/modern decorated) right inside of the maglev station. It can be the center of food shopping and exist between the Tower and station. We already have the Pulse, but it’s a night club. You can hang out in the night club but not relax. Also we could watch something in the cafe. So, what about some kind of coffee/pub?


I really like the idea of a cafe. A long time ago, I suggested something like a sports bar, where there would be televisions that would record game world servers and play them back. But a cafe would be an awesome place to relax between game world sessions. But I’m not sure it would be used much, because the cafeteria area in Lobby 1 wasn’t used that much either.


Ok, there is should be “a thing” that attracts people. In condo you’re mostly alone, so this “thing” have to unite people. Just as TU but inside of it. A person must think “(something from To Do list), go to the Cafe to (an action includes “a thing”), …” Brainstorming can help.

I’d like to see a cafe in Tower Unite. Perhaps some cafe related food/drink items can be bought and used there?

I don’t think there is even a place in GMT to buy food, other than the smoothie stand. So yeah, this would be a nice alternative.

How about some kind of small restaurant at the boardwalk, where you can pay to eat prepared food instead of cooking it yourself (since there will be a cooking system, we could make an alternative where you don’t cook :3 ) and they still will have some effects on the players (if any) , just it will be a little more expensive than buying the ingredients and cooking by itself

edit: Ooooh and how about making creativity based game with food as purpose of the restaurant, like, once in a while, there is an event in the restaurant, players choose to participate or not and are separated in two team, the one who prepare food and the other who judge, the “cooks” or “bakers” will have to combine and treat the ingredient properly in order to make a cake or a plate where, depend of how well the food have been treated, the finished food will have a more or less decayed texture to represent the edibility, and then will have to dress the cake/plate the way they want and the judge will have to give points to the best looking cake/plate, the winner get gmcs and other get a compensation , then the judge and baker switch for a second round (I’ll keep this creativity idead for a speed painting contest :stuck_out_tongue: if possible)

I like the idea of having a restaurant or pub or sports bar that would be themed with exclusive streams of the Gameports matches. Would give a reason to go there and possibly add it’s own unofficial events (Friday night minigolf anyone!)

The recording of game world servers and playing them back like that sounds extremely awesome. I love that idea!