The old screenshots thread

Post your oldest TU (or GMT) screenshots you have. Because why not.

My first ever TU screenshot. Was flying around the first public version of the (mostly ported) plaza, and found the unfinished gameworlds ports floating in the void.

You could see your arms back then…

as well as your body.

A weird reflection bug I found.

Ballrace. Also, the negative units were changed to a bizzarely high number.

The first Item Playground map, back when you could spawn yourself any items you wanted. Not pictured are the storekeepers all lined up nicely.

Built this just for fun, notice the fish. (there were some more of the unfinished items ready to be spawned, like the coin)


NOTE: The last picture of the plaza/tower is my desktop background!


I didn’t edit this picture, this was taken in game. I fell into the void in the suite map and pressed K, things got kinda glitchy after falling for awhile.

Golden basketball man!

Lastly, a lovely view of the highrise condo… which was taken at the top of the tower way outside the map.

It took about 10 minutes to fly from the highrise, to the Tower while wearing speed shoes. It’s a lot further away then it looks.


I’ve got quite a few old ones saved. Prepare for images.


The very first screenshot I have saved. A nice view of the main tower.

I was on the public test server. There were many dinosaurs.

Lava lamps were all the rage back then.

Chairs were a bit broken. If you used the jetpack, you could essentially force noclip with anything and everything, but had to keep using the jetpack or you’d fall into the infinite.

I made this nice little setup on the Tower statue. I still think it’s neat.

Anyone remember the Trampoline Tower we made? I snuck a copy of the statue build onto here as well.

The stray used to look very… different.

Messing around in the Item Playground. You could be an infected back then.

A better view of the little “room” I built from the previous screenshot.

Last one! A little performance happened and I had a bit of a listen. This is also my first screenshot of the official Early Access release, as denoted by the version in the upper left.

Those are the screens I’ve got, I hope you enjoy them!



From the Lobby 2 beta:

From Lobby 1:


these are so nostalgic hnnnnngg

here’s an old screenshot

anyways if anyone wants to see a big archive of gmt screenshots (with some regular gmod mixed in) hereyougo:
(cringe warning)

My tower unite screenshots are on my steam too (of course)


random screenshot, 19th of August 2012

Screenshot of a misaligned fish from the fish tank, 5th of September 2012

Random screenshot of a blizzard storm lobby minigame, 18th of September 2012

Yet another random screenshot depicting a ghost with aviators, circa 20th of September 2012

Also the descriptions I gave my screenshots at that time are cringy and stupid as shit


Here are some of my GMT Screenshots