The old gmod servers

Hello peeps of the tower unite servers and possiably creators, I wana make a sugestion of putting the old gmod servers back up 1 with lobby 1 and 1 with lobby 2 but still keeping this game because I personally dont have the best pc or internet to run this game and back n gmod tower It was running so fast It felt like my pc was a big expensive gameing pc but it was just a windows 8 plus we can take a walk back on our origional stomping grounds the gmod tower servers (this really doesnt sound that intresting to anybody but trust me there are players who want to join you guys in the next chapter but we cant becuase certan restrictions) internet and bad computers are holding us back from joining the next chapter plus im sad i wasnt in the final photo of gmod tower



Servers cost money, and they don’t have the time to fix Gmod Tower every time Garry breaks something.


There are the old lobby 1 and 2 maps on the workshop,but they will not open GMT.


There are multiple problems with keeping GMT up.

First, there’s server costs. Servers aren’t free, and GMT needed one for each lobby and each gamemode the lobbies had.
Second, it’s direct competition with TU and GMT is free. Since both GMT and TU are owned by Pixeltail, there’s no reason to keep competition around as it would only hurt sales.
Third, whenever Gmod updates, there’s the potential for GMT to break. The devs have stated quite bluntly that they are done with Gmod, and keeping GMT functional would take time that could be used to make TU.
Fourth, there’s potential copyright issues. Pixeltail is an actual company now and getting sued for keeping a mod around would not be in their best interest.

All in all, there’s no real solid reason to keep GMT around anymore, especially as TU rapidly takes over where GMT left off. Even now, there’s many things TU does that GMT simply couldn’t.



They will never return.


What mac said, no

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The closest thing you could get is to download all the old addons that are still on the workshop.

Gmod Tower ran like shit and it was notorious for being like that

Don’t even try and bullshit like you didnt get 20fps in the Lobby.

It’s not just GMT, it’s Gmod/Source. In multiplayer, it only runs off one CPU core and barely touches your GPU. So even if you have a top of the line GPU, Gmod would still be bottlenecked by the CPU. Trust me, even if you had a new fancy Intel i7, it would run like shit, but a lot less shit than an old CPU. I think @Spoopy1’s problem is that he had a CPU with powerful enough single cores to run Gmod fine, but a bad GPU. I had this exact same problem with the transition from GMT to TU, but once I upgraded my GPU, I would get a stable 60-100 FPS, less if the Lobby server was crowded.

Fun fact: Gmod now has multicore rendering, but it still runs like shit.


While TU will NEVER be able to replace GMT’s spot in my heart I believe that this will never happen. However it my slightly more possible for lobby 1 and 2 to be added to TU in some way. It would have to be remade from scratch however so it wouldn’t be possible till waaaaay later, like after they finish adding everything else they can think of. Maybe you could track down that guy that made the biggest contribution and ask him to force the creators to add them? Lol jk don’t do that. Doubt that would end well.