The new game world maps?

I mean idk the progress on the maps but on the stream the map ink for ballrace looked pretty much done, just needed to fix the lighting on the player? Will we be seeing that map in this update or even the virus one? Or will that be another time. I know the mini golf map is still a work in progress. Also, when do gameworlds plan to be developed Im hoping soon. I personally think every game mode should be done before working on the arcade, roller coaster, laser tag, etc. But that’s just me.

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I don’t think either Snow/Tundra/Frozen 2/Whatever or Ink are near release state yet. During the last livestream, Matt said he hasn’t finished all the holes for the first one. Ink is not coming in this patch, they probably would’ve said if it was by now.

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These maps are not going to be released in, I’ve asked Caboose about it. They’re for later, maybe a map update.
Okay, so here’s what I have gathered:


Ink is pretty much done. The lighting bug only occurred because Mac was streaming using the old version of Unreal Engine 4, meaning the lighting on the characters is all fixed and good in UE4.11.
The only reason Ink is not released is because Dongle/Will has to finish the music track for it.


Matt’s still working on this one. It’s not finished. Once he’s done with the courses n stuff I imagine it’ll be playtested and then released.


Yeah I mean I don’t know much about this. It looked pretty much finished on the stream, but there could be all sorts of issues with it. Playtesting is a big thing.

Keep in mind all of this info is what I have heard and gathered. It’s obviously nothing official, but it’s certainly good information.
Anybody feel free to prove me wrong. Italicized prove because you can’t just say ‘i dont think so’ without giving at least a reason/source.
Anyway, hope this helped! Super excited for these maps!

Also, the reason right now the Casino is being worked on before gameworlds is because, well, some people really like the Casino! Gameworlds are very important, but you gotta keep in mind that the Plaza needs to serve purposes. Not just one. Currently Plazas are all empty, and this is because there isn’t anything to do but ride the rollercoaster, hang in the theatre, and buy stuff. Not a lot of activities when compared to what’s planned. The Casino is going to implement a huge new reason for people to come chill in the lobby.
Work on Little Crusaders (or possibly another gameworld, there’s been mentions of a poll) is SAID, just estimates and whispers, to be worked on ‘soon’. Who knows what amount of time that will be.