The Most Fireworks Set Off At Once Ever?

I’ll just start this off with saying I haven’t really looked too hard to see if anyone else has fired this many fireworks especially as I am unaware of the exact number used in my video which was primarily supplied by EndlessTunes and the person with the symbols for a name, (sorry but I can’t write that), which is still a massive amount.

Below is the link to the video which was actually filmed a bit before or after new years day and was meant to be a fireworks celebration but I have been too lazy to upload ever since.

Enjoy :smile_cat:


That looked far from 200 fireworks. I’ve set off way more in the “Playground” as you can just spawn as many as you like without having to grab and place each one. Still a nice display though.

Edit: I was looking through my PC to see if i captured any videos or pics, but all i could find was a screenshot of the firework salesman completely covered in Spinner fireworks :smiley: (201 to be exact)


Is this how the Big Bang happened?


Ty for your feedback, I changed the name of the video from 200+ to 100+ which seems a bit more realistic.
All those screenshots you sent look crazy! Are they all covering the shop keeper??? :joy:
I wish I saw them all get set off.

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Yeah i spent quite a while placing them lol. The end result was very anti-climactic though because the spinner fireworks don’t actually set each other off so you have to individually press each one :frowning:

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Why do the fireworks make you clip through the wall for a second lol?
or maybe you just walk over there but you’re lagging so hard it looks like you clipped through the wall.


I guess the firework(s) were pushing me so much the game got confused and didn’t know what to do and sent my head through the wall. Good job picking up on it and making a point.

woah that’s a lot of fireworks

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Gotta love the sound in the video.

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