The little things you enjoy in TU

I decided to make a thread about all the little things in Tower Unite that you might enjoy, it can be ranging from things like personal feelings, like when you and the boys are chilling and watching movies in your condo or the feeling of meeting new players, to even just actual in-game features like the day/night cycle, playing piano, tiny things like that.

For me it’s the pure tranquil bliss of fishing, finding a nice spot for yourself (not that it makes a difference) and just zoning out, every so often someone will come up next to you, fish for a bit then go away. It’s quite peaceful and therapeutic I find.

What’s your favourite little thing?


Three Spider-Men doing the wave to communist Elmo in a Soviet themed condo. This is what I live for.


This photo exhumes pure comradery.


The reactions of some players when you manage to catch them off guard in Little Crusaders or Virus.


I love watching the hodgepodge of characters doing whatever. The overall semi-realistic tone of Tower juxtaposed with all manner of characters makes for a sight that never fails to bring me joy.



Honestly, I just enjoy chilling with friends in our condos. It’s weird but we always start TU wanting to play gameworlds or plaza minigames but somehow the thing that keeps us invested is just how fun it is to mess around with Workshop models and watch videos on a media player. I think TU just kinda has that atmosphere :stuck_out_tongue:


The bits of flavor text on things are hilarious to read - especially the warning and description labels you can find on some of the products you can buy. The stuff in the toy store in particular is pretty good.

Props to whoever writes these things.



Watching a slightly-but-not-quite-sarcastic-sounding, but not actually sarcastic czech man drive his heavily modified, barely not on fire car to a foreign country, explore an off-limits monument, steal someone’s kitten, somehow actually get it across all the borders on the way back home and feature it in all of his following videos in my boy @hammy’s suite

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The rain.


Say whaaaa now?

I’ve always been a huge fan of devs that take the time to add in all sorts of little details that the average player is never gonna notice. Rockstar is really good about this. There’s lots of awesome little details shoved into GTA V. Pixeltail is also a master at this and I love it. From the comical little descriptions on things to the knockoff brand names to even things like the turnstyles in the transit station that beep when you walk through them. This game is loaded with stuff like that and I love it.


I don’t hop onto other people’s condos very often, but once I found myself chilling with someone on the bed in their suite, taking turns playing dumb music off the nearby media player. Did that for maybe an hour or two. Despite hardly knowing the other player, it felt like I was just hanging out with a friend.


Me and the bois enjoying summer :sunglasses::blush:


Always had a crush on games that do themed holiday updates. Launching Tower Unite during Halloween with the spooky menu theme, decorated lobby and Halloween events is always a lot of fun to me. As a 21 year old who doesn’t have Santa and doesn’t trick or treat, having a game celebrate makes it a lot more enjoyable for me during certain parts of the year.


I love the overall happy, positive springiness of the game. All the music, sound effects for every button, all the community creations (especially the workshop models!) and the transparency between TU staff and the community really set TU apart.

I’ve seen devs that post an update every couple weeks with one or two new features, but TU really brings the bar up a notch with their own forums (and all the activity in them), the Trello (allowing us to track every little detail from concept to creation), etc.


I’ve got some reccordings that I’ll post later but basically I rigged the fountain in NY2 with enough fireworks to level the plaza, and I actually had some strangers cone and help with it lol.

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