The latest milestone: Game world mutators!

From the Indiegogo backer email:

For our next stretch goal (65K), we’re gonna add mutators to the Game Worlds.

Mutators are really cool. They are gameplay tweaks that you can selectively apply to a Game World. Mutators can be: increasing the speed of the game, different powerups, altering physical properties like gravity, and more. Each Game World will have its own set of mutators that make sense for that Game World. Once we reach this stretch goal, we’ll announce which mutators that will be available on launch.

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From what I have understood, I didn’t get which of these three is the actual thing:

  • Are these an effect that are chosen by the server owner and is applied to the game world?
  • Are these mutators also a thing that is voted on similiar to the map that the world will play?
  • Are these something rogue-likely that is applied to a world randomly?

I don’t really understand which of these three is the thing.

I have to believe the first bullet point is how they are used.

I honestly feel it should be the second or third bulletpoint, but the first one seems to be suggested by the wording in the Indiegogo.

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Yeah. I would love for it to be the third one as well, so no matter what server you played in, the Game Worlds would always have something new/challenging to them.

Server operators can toggle on and off mutator voting. When mutator voting is on, players can vote if they want mutators next round and then they can vote for which mutator or vote for a random one.

So in effect, it is all 3 of the things you expressed.


I was under the impression that it was difficulty settings the individual user can choose to make the game harder for them self. Doing so would give a higher unit payout.

Ah. I get it now, hopefully it will be enabled on the stock servers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the explanation!

We are at 61.100 now. I think we can really made it in the last 6 days!