The Kingdom of Advanced Editing (

Kingdom Quality of Life Update

After getting feedback from various community members, we’ve adjusted most of the holes and difficulty in the Kingdom minigolf map. You can read more about all the changes in the change log below.

Animated Canvas

Canvases can now be animated! We’ve added the ability to animated canvases by allowing the use of sprite sheets in the canvas system. There are many online tools to convert GIFs into sprite sheets that we suggest you use to take advantage of this new system. We highly suggest using JPGs for your animated canvases to keep file size low.

We’ve also updated the canvas parental controls to block animated canvases (by default they are on) separately from regular canvases.

Advanced Condo Edit Mode

We’re also releasing a beta version of advanced condo edit mode. When advanced condo edit mode is toggled on, you will enter an editor-like state where your mouse cursor is always enabled for better manipulation of items (Q does not need to be held!). You will automatically be put into noclip, HUD/hot bar will hide, and you can move the camera up and down with Q and E buttons (similar to workshop editor). Holding right click will allow you to rotate the camera. You can also toggle off surface editing so it does not get in your way. We will be continuing to improve this mode over time.

We hope this mode will allow for less frustrating building.

Including in this, we fixed various long standing bugs with editing condos in general, such as improving the reliability of the lock feature and various UI improvements.

Canvas Surface Support

You can now use many of the textures and materials that were previously available for editing walls of the condo with all canvas primitives (such as canvas cube and canvas walls).

We also added some additional surfaces such as glass, water, and special effects like force shields and fences.

New Canvas Types

We also added various new canvas types such as screen and glass. With canvas glass, you can set images and make custom stained glass.


  • Kingdom Quality of Life Update
  • Plaza: New DIY store exterior
  • Plaza: Start of appearance store exterior
  • Plaza: Massively improved lighting in Bowling, along with adding some improvements to the windows and some models
  • Added Face item equipping in Minigolf
  • Added beta version of advanced condo edit mode
  • Locked items no longer highlight or show tool tips while being locked
  • Added surface material support for Canvas cubes, walls, and other shapes
  • Added animated canvas support (requires sprite sheet). Yes, you can disable them in parental controls
  • Added new canvas types: Glass and Screen
  • Added several glass, water, and misc FX surface materials to condo surfaces
  • Added new icons for items that were hard to see visually in the hot bar: Fishing Rod, Golf Club, and Double Barrel
  • Disabled workshop model loading during PVP-only Plaza minigames
  • Reworked condo surface editor UI to be easier to use
  • Increased scale of unit HUDs just a tad

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Fixed the extremely dark transitions during sunrise and sunset
  • Plaza: Fixed the odd concentric rings/banding effect in bright lights (especially the sun)
  • Fixed Cigar and Red Nose wearables being too large in Minigolf
  • Fixed 2020 Glasses, Christmas Bowtie, and Reindeer Antlers not being correctly positioned on Minigolf balls
  • Fixed string lights turning lights back on when you edit any property
  • Fixed an issue with the hot bar category filters not updating, preventing new items from showing up (unless you switched categories back and forth)
  • Fixed christmas tree item model being incorrect
  • Reduced toy train sound volume
  • Fixed Candy Cane weapon having a shadow even when not equipped
  • Fixed incorrect warning text when prompted to leave a minigame
  • Fixed Theater (and other media players) not allowing players to queue up videos in Plaza
  • Fixed string lights not always reaching their destination
  • Fixed day night override resetting upon death in minigames like Snowball Battle
  • Fixed scope weapons having a weird fade box issue
  • Fixed wreath tube size being too small
  • Fixed new christmas particles being a bit too small
  • Fixed players being small scales in minigames and Laser Tag
  • Improved visibility of death markers in ZM and Plaza minigames
  • Fixed a typo with Holdable Beer item
  • Fixed not being able to join minigames with the notification prompt
  • Fixed an issue where if you right click to view yourself then enter first person, your movement can be reversed
  • Fixed inventory hot bar not updating after making a purchase
  • Fixed inventory hot bar not clearing out holdable items (such as beer and hot dogs) after using them
  • Fixed leaderboard listings showing a loading icon that does nothing
  • Fixed leaderboard listings not displaying player avatars
  • Fixed awful lag when viewing Condo server listings
  • Fixed button highlight effects not always unhighlight in most UI
  • Fixed some checkbox UI not toggling properly when you click on the text label
  • Fixed a bug where items that are locked could still be dragged under certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug with Disco Duck item where it plays the music (even if it’s turned off) everytime you load up your Condo
  • Fixed a bug where if you drag an item into the world (without placing it down) and back into the inventory to stash it, it would still place down the item (now it doesn’t place down the item)

Kingdom Adjustments

  • Adjusted overall map lighting
  • Changed the color of moving platforms
  • Added light bulbs to the lamps in the city
  • Hole 2: Moving platforms on the sides slowed down by 25%
  • Hole 3: Moving platform slowed down by 25%
  • Hole 4: First moving platform slowed down by 25%
  • Hole 4: Second moving platform slowed down by 50%
  • Hole 4: Spinning hole slowed down by 50%
  • Hole 5: Slowed down first moving platform by 25%
  • Hole 5: Doubled height of the moving ball stopper to make it more visually noticeable
  • Hole 5: Widened the entrance into the hole platform to reduce the odds of falling into the river in the final shot
  • Hole 5: Reduced the support beam structure’s height below the second moving bridge to stop the ball from being incorrectly marked as out of bounds
  • Hole 5: Slowed down the second moving platform/bridge by 25%
  • Hole 5: Added a back wall behind the hole to prevent the ball from bouncing out of the hole
  • Hole 7: Slowed down moving side walls by 25%
  • Hole 7: Slowed down beginning moving platform by 33%
  • Hole 7: Added an indentation in the platform before the backwards-ramp to prevent very difficult situations where a player has to bounce backwards onto the end lane from one of the far ends
  • Hole 8: Slowed down moving platforms by 25%
  • Hole 11: Fixed the odd geometry on the ending ramp
  • Hole 11: Increased par by 1
  • Hole 11: Reduced moving platform speed by 20%
  • Hole 11: Added a booster to ensure the player makes it all the way around the curved section
  • Hole 13: Decreased the speed of the moving barrier near the first geyser
  • Hole 13: Added a booster along the length of the failure pit to move the player closer to the first geyser area so they can see the moving barrier
  • Hole 13: Increased the height of the first geyser’s moving barrier to make it more visible
  • Hole 15: Added a wall barrier on one side of the first moving platform to decrease the difficulty of making it across
  • Hole 15: Decreased speed of the second moving platform by 20%
  • Hole 15: Decreased the speed of the final two moving platforms
  • Hole 16: Increased the length of the bounce-back barrier at the beginning by 25%
  • Hole 17: Removed the arrow from the indicator at the beginning. This was removed to clarify that the indicator is meant to simply display the current location of the moving platform, and is not meant to tell the player when to putt

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mmmmmmm epic, i can finally work on condos without getting frustrated in 10 seconds of trying to move stuff


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