The Jetpack Experience


Sorry I’ve been away forever. Here’s a video.


Quality :+1:


Indeed Quality.


No Wilhelm Scream?
Still quality work.


Very unrealistic and innacurate display of people asking for the jetpack,
In the video there wasn’t a single person asking where to get the jetpack even after you had told them the exact same thing 7 times, and neither was there a person standing right in the same area as the store and still not seeing it.
And where was the person that had gone to the boardwalk and looked there for 1 minute and then decided that the rob’s imports store didn’t exist?
This video is badly made 0/10.


Ah, I used the Howie scream instead. It’s slightly lesser known, but it’s still hilarious after 48 years.




I only know one word that can be used to accurately and adequately describe this.



something that cannot be described in words


false advertising, not once did your camera get stuck inside your player as you ragdolled fiercely into the ground with the jetpack


idk there is store. i spend my time in casino