The Inclusion of Old Games?

I was just gawking at all the memories I had on PixelTail games and thought, “The old games should be included in the lobby!” I think that there should be a special location where Elevator: Source and Gm_Apartment should be accessible.

I don’t think they should make an Unreal Engine equivalent.
Faint nods to either like the elevators in the tower on an incredibly rare chance opening up to somewhere it wasn’t meant to lead as an easter egg would be a better reference.

I only say this as there wouldn’t be much reason toward making an entire UE version of Elevator: Source or Gm_Apartment as the time developing it would be better spent on something new that players can repeatedly go back to.


Why though?

I think it was just the nostalgia hitting me hard.

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but you can still play those games in GMOD
it’s not like they’re gone or anything