The Goodbye Lobby Two Project


Howdy there! I’m Alex. Most of you know me as the creator of the Prizim Podcast, and also as that one guy who was a cameraman on the Bone Zone this past year.

Anyway, Lobby 3 is on its way and I realize there’s an opportunity for some of us who weren’t part of GMT to at least contribute something to the passing of the Lobbies. So to this I propose:

The Goodbye Lobby Two Project!

The goal of this project is to create a short video montage of your memories of Lobby Two, either by screenshots or small video clips. Whatever ones you have that you’d like to send, share them on google drive to my email at (yes I know its an embarrasingly long email that I made when I was 13, stop laughing.) I’ll take the best of them all and put them in a video montage set to the tune of “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John! (bc why not lol.)

So get to sending those cherished memories! Lets all make sure Lobby 2 is forever remembered!


my screenshots of fireworks are going in that video for sure lol


When you’re referring to Lobby 2, is this counting both Gmod and TU?

Well if I had to decide on my Lobby 2 Memories then…

The first image I took when I got the game.

The old Stray

That time when we worshipped Mac and Mistaria

The time we were dancing a lot in the nightclub in GMod Tower

Waiting for Plasma to take Photos

Grouped together under something

The last picture I remember taking of Gmod Tower.

When everyone was in the nightclub other than the Casino for one of Gmod Towers closing party.


This is lovely. Everyone is on about lobby 3 coming but hardly anyone is talking about lobby 2 leaving. It’s nice to know people care.


I honestly just don’t like Lobby 2 at all.


I kinda feel the same way honestly, things were just too spaced out for my liking and while it’s nice because it’s more space and it makes it feel like an actual place. It’s just really inconvenient for things like laser tag and bowling and the fact that it takes a really long time to load into, but I will kinda miss it as most of my memories of GMT and TU were on it.



Goodbye Lobby Two!


Minus well share some of mine, its gonna be sad to see Lobby 2 go. But, I’m highly excited for Lobby 3!


my favorite memory is definitely when i started micspamming sans talking in the casino


Really? Cause that was my least favorite moment.

i loved it just kidding