The game won't open

Whenever I try to open the game, it freezes on a black screen.

My friend and i occasionally run into this problem too. A little workaround we used was if someone on our friends list was already playing we would click “join Game” on them and it would force start the game. Not sure if this works for everyone but this is how i managed to join.

Can you give us some more information, please? Is there any crash report, or can you share your specs, how long ago you downloaded/installed the game, etc. There’s quite a few different reasons the game may come up with just a black screen, and without anything to go on, it’s difficult to help you specifically.

I have recently downloaded tower unite, however when launch it, the screen comes up black. Also I’m unable to close the page, the page itself is froze . I’m worried about this problem because I don’t know how to fix it. Also I have a gaming laptop that can handle almost any game. I have all ready tried uninstalling the game and re downloading it, also I have restarted my computer, however the problem still occurs.

My computer is a Lenovo Ideapad700-14ISK, I already checked all the requirements for the game. My computer should be able to run it.

Does your laptop use an integrated graphics card (Intel HD Graphics)? If so, I’m afraid it’s not meeting the minimum specs of the game.

Nevermind, I’m guessing you meant Y700. Well that’s a bit odd then. Tried updating the graphics card drivers? DirectX? Made sure your firewall or anti-virus is not blocking the game?