🙂 The Final War 🌚

The New Moon in the sky is ready to fire at the remaining smiley forces. It’s already too late

And a side note: Your composition and shading is so good. That Smiley right at the front is beautifully done


Thank you !!

:new_moon_with_face: will prevail, you cant do anything but run.

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The mega moon has come, as there are too many smilies.

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It’s okay, we have 3 days until it shows its powers. :grin:

It is too excited. You cannot stop it any more.

3 days until the large big ass death ray kills us all… :cry:

While the beam is charging, jupiter moons have been recruited.

Fortunately enough, they’re not in their New phase :sunglasses:

They will be, soon. :full_moon_with_face:

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what is NMWF?

New moon with face

:new_moon_with_face: <— This

Probably explains why all I could find on Google was the New Mexico Wildlife Foundation.


When two people quarrel, a third rejoices.

I should create the :bread: army

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NMWF on iOS is terrifying


Burn it with fire

Oh by the way, I just found the Moon’s twitter. https://twitter.com/MoonEmojii

We’re at the deepest point of the uncanny valley right here…

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That twitter account is tresh, uses New Moons visage in a completely inappropriate capacity. :new_moon_with_face: