The Dragon Descends

Hi guys!

My name is Sebastian, also known on the Internet as Drachen.

Three days ago, I found out about Tower Unite whilst playing Cinema. I have to say, I have never been more compelled to support the development of a video game as I have this one. After pledging, I plan to make a serious effort to help the production of this game in any way that I can!

For a bit about myself, I’m an upcoming college student who has been into technology and gaming my entire life. I love language, most notably German (as my name Drachen means “dragons” or “kite”).

I’m looking forward to interacting with the Tower Unite community!


Welcome to the forums! :grinning:

Thanks ^^

Welcome @Drachen!
Are you hyped? :smiley:

BEYOND hyped. Within the next day or so I plan to pledge and start trying out the Alpha!

This is honestly the perfect social/casual game for me <3