The Donor Special Condo Thingie

I hope lobby 1 condos is what donors get. This would be sick maybe enhanced a little because they were small. but is there any update on this?

Apparently the donor exclusive condo layout isn’t coming. Or won’t be exclusive.

It’s exclusive, but it’s nothing big.

Went back and read Mac’s explanation again. Guess I’ve misread it.

As cool as an exclusive Lobby 1 condo sounds, that would be total fucking bullshit for everyone that didn’t donate back in the day, ESPECIALLY if they have memories from Lobby 1. A couple of special items is one thing, a completely unique layout is something else entirely.


im guessing you didnt donate then. You just dont want to miss out on anything. Backers have been getting the sickest shit while donors get plates. we deserve something for always being there. or at least something better than backers.

Actually, I am a donor. Don’t make assumptions like that.

And the classic wine basket, and the lobby 1 trophy, and 3 more unnamed items. Is that not enough for you?

I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one. Not only is it kind of silly to feel entitled to better stuff, like this is some kind of competition, but also as Cold Finger said in another thread, the backers were there for Pixeltail Games when they needed them the most. The fact that they are getting some really neat stuff as a thank you sounds completely reasonable in my opinion.

I’m not going to respond again, I don’t want to argue about this.


I am gonna reply too.
Backers are getting sick shit while legacy donors don’t as much is because backers directly influenced the future of Tower Unite, GMT donators supported GMTower and didn’t really do anything related to TU. Backers only get it because they deserve it.
And you already get the wine basket, a lobby 1 trophy and some other stuff, how is that not enough?


Yup, the money we donors gave them went right into paying for the servers.

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People are going to complain no matter what, I’m a GMT donor… I don’t really care about this issue, technically this is a different boat we’re on now. I’m grateful they are giving us stuff at all, but in the end the backers are the ones that funded TU it’s only natural they get better rewards.
People need to use their brains more :joy:


Well I’m neither a gmt donator or an indiegogo backer despite the fact that I was there for a long enough time to become these (I was even there during the kickstarter), the thing is that I didn’t have the possibility to become a donator/backer. Sux2beme, but hey I got 5000 starter units for having played GMT for 100+ hours, and I guess the Lobby 1 plate because I played during Lobby 1? Or is that for legacy donors?

I’m fairly sure I read that the plate was for donors only somewhere, don’t quote me on that though. :confused:

Edit - just read the roadmap, I don’t see it listed as a donor reward, so you may indeed get it. There was a comment on it saying “The Lobby 1 plate is for anyone who played Lobby 1. If you use your eyes and read carefully, the Lobby 1 TROPHY is for those that donated to GMT.”
Wish I had a set answer for you, from my perspective it looks like lobby 1 players will get it, this is just a stab in the dark and I don’t have a clue honestly :anguished:

Sounds kinda strange, especially due to the fact that in GMT the Lobby 1 plate was an exclusive for Lobby 1 players, it had nothing to do with donating or anything like that. As I am fulfilling this only criteria of having played during Lobby 1, why would I not get it then?

Edited the post above, seems like you may get it… The details are not very clear. sorry about the confusion I’m half asleep here :weary: