The dev team should be very careful.

I think the dev team should be very careful on who they give out admin rights to, especially when they have such power were they can accuse of someone saying this, but then not having any evidence of it.

In the future I think when handling out chat bans, or bans overall, I think they should be very careful and review carefully on what actually happened from the beginning, I’ve seen a lot of my friends being issued chat bans when they haven’t deserved it, and once they ask for an evidence for why the chat ban was issued out, then the person behind the ban appeal email can’t even issue out an evidence on what was being said.
I really will not support a game that has a game with a bunch of abusing admins on it, you know who you are.

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All reports are reviewed and verified using in-game chat logs, or external evidence when required (such as Voice Chat reports).

If there is no in-game evidence, or the evidence provided is in doubt, the report is discarded.

We have absolutely no reason, nor do we benefit from, issuing bans to players who haven’t broken our rules.