The Death Game


spydermann killed rrmm for his m


Eriberto killed Spydermann because killing is bad.


Agent killed Eriberto for a hypocritical saying.


spydermann killed agent because because kirb axolotl died


Skeletonman0 killed spydermann because skeletonman0 was playing virus and ended up in this forum


spydermann killed skeletonman0 because he was infected


Plokit killed Spydermann because he was infected too


Jinko killed Plokit because he was infected as well


Plokit came back from the dead and killed Jinko in revenge


Jinko came back from the dead and poured some acid on plokit


Plokit killed Jinko by hugging him while covered in acid


Jinko killed plokit by calling upon his fellow care bears to rip him from limb to limb


Plokit killed Jinko because his care bears don’t care about him


Jinko killed Plokit with a knife because he was sad that the care bears did not care for him


Plokit killed Jinko because you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight


Jinko killed plockit because don’t bring a gun to a fight against jinko


Plokit killed Jinko because he thought he could dodge bullets


Jinko killed Plokit because Jinko can if he breaks into my house


Plokit killed Jinko because he isn’t from the movie matrix


Agent Killed Plokit for the sake of madness.