The crazy stuff i have heard in the nightclub

I just heard a voiced wiki about cock and ball torture, the I nutted in my sock song, a hour long version of the “all I want for christmas” song, and a fart sound with reverb. Can the devs not allow this trash to be played?

When a song is playing, there’s a flag icon next to it. Click on that to report the media. From there, we can ban certain media.


How about youtube videos that are non music? Like windows xp sounds, farts, diarrhea and BDSM?

Report them, please.


Can you be able to scroll through the song list and report videos before they get played? I saw a hour long video in the queue but was not able to report it since it was not playing yet.

We’ll be adding this feature next hot fix.


All of the stuff you just described sounds like the internet to me. Not that I want that in the nightclub, but it does sound like the internet.

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I’ll be sure to report your ‘trash’
It’s a community game. If you want to play your own playlist stuff, you have external options for it and a volume control for in game.
You’ll soon find many people calling your own stuff trash while trying to boost their own trash.

i mean i think it’s admin reviewed, so reporting someone’s link in the queue doesn’t really do anything until an admin looks at it.

I am not going to put any songs on the playlist. I am at the club to play pool and discover new songs that I like. Thats it.

Seriously. I was in the Nightclub tonight and, at one point, there was this woman queueing up a ton of really racist and political songs, one of which was titled something so bad that I’d rather not repeat it but there was also, Black People Suck, Sleepy Joe, and something about Trump 2020. Ugh.

Did you report it? We can issue out suspensions on both videos and users submitting them to the queue.

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Yeah, you’re going to hear a lot of that unfortunately, We were all having a nice time in the nightclub earlier until a group of guys came in and started skipping stuff that weren’t videos that they queued, and queued up stuff of the like. Just gotta lay the reports in, not much you can do otherwise. If it gets so bad, it might be advisable to hop to another server. Or if you’re trying to enjoy media with friends, it might be way more manageable to start a condo and invite them there.

It hadnt played yet, so I couldnt report it. At least, i didnt see a way too anyway.

When a song comes up and you think it shouldn’t be playing in there, just aim at a player and hold q, then click the little flag. And might as well throw a skip in while you’re at it. I think in the future they’re going to add the ability to flag stuff later on for stuff still in queue

None of the songs were playing yet. That was the problem.

Do you know where that actual flag icon is located? Was in the nightclub yesterday and wanted to report some songs, but I couldn’t actually find it, don’t know if I’m just blind or something.

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It’s at the top of the queue menu with whatever’s currently playing

The button to report media isn’t there for me, just the vote skip button image