The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but now it has maggots and cockroaches.

I wish all bugs that enter houses are vaporized.


Wish granted but now you are vaporized when you enter your house as well

I wish it was summer already


Wish granted but it rains almost every day.

I wish The Bone Zone Season 3 started.


Wish granted, but you didn’t get invited, so…

I wish for a bone zone christmas special


Wish granted, but it’s the skin zone now.

I wish for four fours in four fours at four fours.


Wish granted but all fours turn into fives.

I wish for Zombie Massacre Update Today


Wish granted, but you just ran out of storage on your computer, so it won’t download.

I wish for Panic at Horror Hill to be the next game world.


wish granted, but zombie massacre will be delayed for many years since it is not out yet meaning it’s not technically the next game mode yet.

I wish that I didn’t have to go to summer school.


Wish granted, but you still have bad grades and you will only be able to work at McDonalds.

I wish for a mega cheese sandvich.


Wish granted, but you drop it on the ground and it falls apart.

I wish I was Peter Griffin


Wish granted, but you are a poorly made Indian bootleg that looks like it came out of a barrel of mucus.

I wish Fortnite would just die already.


Wish granted, but every other thing on the planet will die in one minute

I wish -


Wish granted, but _

I wish for a tish


Wish granted, but it is blown away by the wind.

I wish the wind would bring it back.


Wish granted, but it was torn and it smacks you every step you take with it.

I wish for a dog sack to be added into Tower Unite


Wish granted, but it’s called a “dog bag” instead

I wish it was called “dog box”


Wish granted, but your game crashes when you interact with it in any way.

I wishwisushwuhsuwhsuswwishsihshhhhhhhhhhhhwshshshshshshshshsh

wish for me


Wish granted, but while you are a Furry a cop kills you.

I wish I wasn’t afraid of sausages.


Wish granted, but now you’re afraid of enchiladas.

I wish Nintendo’s E3 direct will be good.


Wish granted, but we won’t get any Smash news.

I wish the Octo expansion for Splatoon 2 turns out good.