The Concept of Grind [Discussion Topic]

Recently my friend has expressed the more grind side of himself. I talked to him and asked why he was playing if he thought it was just a grind and he told me it was so he could decorate and enjoy his Condo. Which then I introduced a new idea: What point is it to play something boring to try and get something fun?
So this leads me to my own question: What joy and thrill do you get from playing Tower Unite and do you believe the game is a “Grind.” <- Our conversation on the subject.
Disclaimer: I pondered whether to put this in General or Questions and because I didn’t want Moderator flak on me I just decided to play it safe.

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At the moment the game sure is grindy, since gameworlds is the only efficient way to earn units at the moment, and there isn’t many people who play TU frequently so you are forced to just grind solo ball race on nimbus.

Also I made a singleplayer nimbus payouts chart just for reference, since I see you discussed payouts in the chat:

3min == 1250
6min == 2500
12min == 5000
24min == 10000
36min == 15000
48min == 20000
1h == 25000
2h == 50000
5h == 125000
10h == 250000
20h == 500000

I wrote down more, but 100 hours of ball race only gets relevant later on. Also note that I am just assuming you’d take 3 minutes for one game, some people might take less, and some more. I actually optimized this for me personally, because I wrote this down for myself.


Oh, wow. This is really impressive, thank you for supplying me with this information!

I agree with almost everything
I don’t agree with the nimbus part tho for me the best map for grinding is GLXY

Now you ask why GLXY well i think that GLXY have more watermelons +you can finish on the bonus level.

Afterall GLXY is way more fun to play and its not that hard and the levels are pretty fast in my opinion. I made a rate for the map you can check it Here


You earn approx 1012 units per 3 minutes according to my recent recording on GLXY, if someone could get me a video of someone completing nimbus with shortcuts and all i’d like to see it, to see just what wins.

4:49 289seconds
32.948u start. 34.573u end. 1.625u made

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i guess i will do a full glxy run with shortcuts tomorrow i can’t right now because its12:20 am

i think i have some cuts you might not have, atleast one i think you don’t. Stay tuned, still rendering

Sure can i make videos if i don’t know some ? i will credit you on my topic ^^

you’re welcome to just rip it off youtube or just redo it yourself. It’s at 60% upload

it’s up

okay so i have videos for all of them expect level 10 i don’t know why i didn’t think about it thanks!

Also you can finish GLXY faster than that :slight_smile: (just it might take alot of practice)

i know it can be done faster, but this is my consistent time that i can get 20 times in a row. But am i missing anything?

you are missing some shortcuts for example on level 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t get nr 4 consistently. I’d rather just take the safe route, which is a lot easier to do when playing with 2 friends for the placement bonus, that really boosts the ammount of money you make. Lag is a bitch tho

I see i am always risky i don’t really care if i come first for me practice is more important than units :slight_smile:

casino and stuff will be added later
to steal people their money even more efficiently

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You’re right but I still think that condo items are a too expensive and the devs should rethink how much time a player should spend for putting together a decent condo.

I kinda disagree with this. Because your condo is an incentive to keep playing. If you can make a nice condo in 3 hours then you’re done, what else is there to do other than play games which just get you more money. I actually think we need more things we can use money on top make sure people keep playing. Also Mac said item prices won’t change.

years later the grind includes solo zombie massacre, solo minigolf, and solo bowling for some. i just am not interested in bowling and minigolf personally. unfortunately, i’m on a laptop so playing zombie massacre is a pain and even when i plug in a mouse, i suck. my grind is bowling even though i don’t have as much fun doing it… i want to have a really nice condo in the future to host for everyone in the community to join and socialize and be free. i plan to learn 3d modeling just so i can make a really unique server and since i’m an artist, i’d pour my hard work into it. it’s going to be a huge thing to fantasize about so, grind.

then again i hope the arcade will allow users to have new games to earn units from (yes i know tickets are confirmed but maybe there’s be games you can just earn units from¿ i dunno mate) …and games you can solo (that we actually like such as platformers, pacmanesque, space invader type of games…etc.) it’d be a lot more fun and those are simple games that could be integrated into TU right? i liked the drunk tag game but i need solo games i enjoy because TU isn’t that populated still and my friends aren’t always on when i am.

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on virus is a grind but you need people so maybe not as popular. virus is more than a grind though like zombie massacre because those are really fun. I actually survived on virus once but then again i get infected too easily for me to personally make it a grind.