The Beginners Guide!

You might be asking, what the hell is the beginners guide?
Go here and find out

What? Skeptical? Well…
This is the follow-up to Stanley’s parable.
This is not the follow-up to Stanley’s parable.
This will come out tomorrow.
This will not come out tomorrow.
This is a narrative driven game.
This is not a narrative driven game.
This is the definition of hype.
This is not the definition of hype.
(It’s out! Recommendation, don’t watch gameplay or see reviews. So far the steam reviews say play it for your selves.)

I must admit, I did not see this coming. When I saw the PC Gamer article about it, I was like “Oh, okay then. I guess that’s a thing.” I might just buy it when it comes out tomorrow…

I just hope Mr.Brighting-Senpai makes a return~

Stanley was such a great game. I hope this one is just as cool to play as the previous one

OK I fucked up. I’m not gonna spoil why this game deserves GOTY, but still…Go play this game. You’ll love it.

Can you put a spoiler warning on that, please? You just ruined the surprise for me.

It’s not really a spoiler. The whole game revolves around it. It’s not the surprise at all. I nearly shit myself when I got to the end and realized what was going on.

Still, I wanted to find out for myself that it was a guide on game design. I haven’t even looked at the game yet.

It’s takes nothing away from the experience. It literally tells you like 30 seconds into the game and is by far not what the game is as a whole. There’s another thing that could be said, however, that would completely ruin the entire game.

Okay. Well, I don’t have the game yet, so I didn’t know it was told in the first 30 seconds.

Well, that’s why I said it wasn’t a spoiler. It sounded like you didn’t have it (or at least hadn’t played it yet), so I was assuring you that the game hadn’t been spoiled for you.

Okay, thank you. I apologize for the confusion.

It happens. Welcome to the internet. lol

EDIT: Just realized that I missed the perfect opportunity to made a Genesis joke. Grr.

Just finished this game, still questioning life brb


Don’t worry, no spoilers in this post.
Also: Looking for secrets, someone said that pressing 9 will crash the game on most levels but opens dialogue if pressed at the right time. Didn’t specify when that was though.

Plus I was looking through the files and I found a curious “crashthegame.txt” file under “beginnersguide/trees”


	Make sure you are running the game at 1280x800
	Opt1: Please! Where is the machine! [play game6a]
	Opt2: Please! Where is the machine! [play game6a]
	Opt3: Please! Where is the machine! [play game6a]

	i ate it


This looks like the standard text format for other dialogue in the game, so I tried getting to run the game at 1280x800 and I was having a real hard time with it.

I also finished the game. I think. It crashed at the epilogue.

Rip, you didn’t see why its GOTY for me. I would go to chapter select. And play the epilogue. Sadly it will kind of be ruined, considering you had time to think.

Not really. Because I immediately forgot about it and just went to playing Pokemon on my 3DS.

So I just finished watching the Evening with Sips episode on this game. Got very uncomfortable with the thing toward the very end. What a ride. It’s definitely…something, what…I don’t quite know.