The Achievement Idea Thread 2: Achieve Harder

Since the last idea thread died out last time i checked, and I’m not sure if bumping is frowned upon on this forum, I’m starting a New Cheevo Thread!

Post your ideas for Cheevos Here.

Little Crusaders:

Avenge me, My Brothers!
Have the Dragon be deactivated within 2 seconds of you dying

Knighty Knight! i regret nothing
Kill a specific amount of Knights as the dragon

Slaughter Night Live is that what it’s called? i forgot

I call hacks!

You’re not meant to use it like that
Get a shotgun kill from far away

anyway post your cheevo ideas go go go

Bumping old threads is totally fine, as long as you add to discussion.




It’s also called Slaughter Day Night Live or SDNL for short

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Sorry for bumping this after one year, I wanted to share just a few achievement ideas (and I couldn’t find the original thread).


  • Please make the ‘you got an achievement’ jingle similar to the one in GMod Tower. It’s all I ask for (besides the achievements below).

  • You should be able to select achievements to see on the top left/right of your screen, so that you can track achievements without going into a menu.

  • You could track achievement progress on the main menu, tab menu, and (maybe) a website.

Little Crusaders

The Cape is a Lie
Become a count.
Reward: Little Crusaders Catsack

Flat as a Pancake
Stomp on 15 knights.
Reward: 5 Pancakes

Knight Exterminator
Kill all the knights as the dragon.
Reward: Little Crusaders Catsack

Saved Our Lives, Stole Our Hearts
Defeat the dragon with Birb.
Reward: Birb Pet

Zombie Massacre

Defeat the giant spider.
Rewards: Zombie Massacre Catsack, Spider Plush

Combo Power!
Use a combo ability.
Reward: 1,500 Units


Spread the Virus to every survivor.
Reward: Infected Trophy

Complete the round as a survivor.
Rewards: Sonic Shotgun Trophy, 1,000 Units

Last One Standing
Survive as the last survivor.
Reward: Infected Plush

Kill an Infected with dynamite.
Reward: 1,500 Units

Kill 15 Infected with dynamite.
Rewards: Dynamite Trophy and 2,000 Units

Ball Race

First Place
Be the first to the finish line/pit/circle.
Reward: 1,500 Units

Melon Enthusiast
Collect 300 melons in total (not just in one round).
Reward: Ball Race Catsack/Melon Pet

Melon Fanatic
Collect 500 melons in total (not just in one round).
Rewards: Ball Race Catsack and Melon Fanatic Trophy

Number One!
Be in first place 40 times in total (not just in one round).
Rewards: Ball Race Ball Trophy and 5,000 Units

Planet Panic

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool
Win the most rounds in one game as the cats.
Reward: Yarn Ball

You’re Barking up the Wrong Tree
Win the most rounds in one game as the dogs.
Reward: Rubber Bone

Slaughterday Night Live

Blast Off!
Double jump with the shotgun.
Reward: 500 Units

Defeat opponents 15 times with a squeaky hammer in total (not just in one round).
Rewards: Squeaky Hammer Prop, 2,000 Units


Hole in One!
Get a hole in one 50 times in total (not just in one round).
Rewards: Minigolf Flag Trophy, Minigolf Catsack


Steep Fall
Fall down the tower.
Rewards: Steep Fall Trophy and 1,000 Units

Come in first place in a round of Trivia.
Reward: Quizmaster Trophy

Hammer Down
Win a game of Mass Fuerte 2K.
Rewards: Hammer Trophy and 200 Tickets

Make an arcade game.
Rewards: Coder Trophy and 15,000 Units

X Marks The Spot
Dig up treasure with your metal detector.
Reward: X Trophy

Dragon Slayer
Win the jackpot of Grand Quest.
Reward: 8-Bit Dragon Trophy


Drunken B#$&#
Drink a bit too much alcohol.
Reward: Drunken B#$&# Trophy (Different From GMT One)

Here, Kitty Kitty
Open any Catsack.
Reward: Silver Catsack

You’re Golden
Get a Gold Catsack.
Reward: Catsack Trophy

Cosmic Luck
Get a Cosmic Catsack.
Rewards: 50,000 Units, Small Cosmic Catsack Replica, and Bragging Rights (not an item)

Buy the Lobby One condo.
Reward: GMTower Logo Trophy


Fatal Error!
Fatal Error!
Reward: Red ERROR Trophy


As nice as this sounds, I’d imagine people would flood the workshop with bare bones games, broken games, or stolen games just to get this achievement. That is, assuming Arcade Games will be uploaded on the workshop.

I like your other ideas! Great work!

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I never thought about that, so I changed the reward idea from a gold catsack to 15K units. Also, thanks!

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Sorry about the bump (again), I had a few more ideas for achievements now that they’re starting to get worked on (and also I still don’t know where the original thread is).

Theater Achievements

Popcorn Lover: You bought 100 buckets of popcorn.
Reward: Throwable Popcorn Weapon

Moviegoer: You watched 25 videos at the theater.
Reward: Free Projector

Movie Fanatic: You watched 100 videos at the theater.
Reward: Old Timey Projector

Ball Race Achievements

Bumper: You bounced 50 times from bumpers.
Reward: Working Bumper Condo Item

Super Fast: You went very fast.
Reward: Speed Shoes (faster than the purchasable ones in the future)

Ball Race Fanatic: You played 100 games of Ball Race.
Reward: Ball Race Ball (for Plaza and Condos)

Overall Achievements

Astronaut: You discovered the moon theater in Resort.
Reward: Astronaut Helmet Hat

Doesn’t Look Like Anything to Me: You discovered the secret room in the transit station tunnel.
Reward: Free Wood Door

Condo Achievements

Editor: You edited a sign in your condo.
Reward: Pen

Commenter: You commented on a comment box.
Reward: Free Comment Box

Visitor: You visited 10 condos.
Reward: Default Condo Trophy

Builder: You placed 250 items in your condo.
Reward: Hammer Trophy

Community Service: You built in a community condo.
Reward: 1,000 Units


I like the throwable popcorn one. I miss that from GMOD.


Not an Alcoholic
Drink every type of alcohol at least once
Reward: Gold Champagne

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Since cheevos are ingame now, and i can’t find the old thread. time to revive ig.

Withdrawal: As the last survivor, survive without using adrenaline.
Shellshocked: Survive a round at first place, using only the Double Barrel or Sonic Shotgun.
I like to Keep my Distance: Survive a round with at least 2 kills without using Shotguns.
The Arms Race: Finish a round of Virus having gotten at least one kill with each of your weapons.

Zombie Massacre:
Fetch me their Souls!: Kill 935 Zombie Dogs (Alternate name: Samantha’s Lament)
The more Crutches you have…: Complete a full game without using your Unique Item or Combo Power.
Purist: Survive a game using only the Starting Pistol. (Upgrades that don’t change your gun are fair game)

I’ll add some achievement suggestions here.

Plaza Achievements

  • Where We Droppin’? - Fall off of Project 12 100 times. - 10,000 Units

  • Rockin’ Out - Rock the Ferris Wheel carts 50 times. - 5,000 Units

  • I Can’t Come Up With a Good Name For This One - Hang out at the lazy river for 30 minutes. - 5,000 Units

  • Sliding Down - Slide down the waterslide. - 1,500 Units

  • Having a Splash - Slide down the waterslide 10 times. - 5,000 Units

  • Rotation - Ride the Ferris Wheel for 5 minutes. - 1,500 Units

  • Spinning Around, and Around, and Around, and, - Ride the Ferris Wheel for 15 minutes. - 5,000 Units

  • Hot Dog! - Buy 100 hot dogs from Franky. - 5,000 Units

  • Show Off - Shoot/Hit 50 players with a milestone item. - 5,000 Units

  • Lobe’ 3 - Find the text hidden in the sand. - 1,500 Units

  • Meow - Find the cat hidden behind a tree. - 1,500 Units

Minigame Achievements

  • X-Ray Vision - Find a treasure without using the metal detector in Treasure From Sea. - 5,000 Units

  • Digging it up - Find 100 treasures in Treasure From Sea. - 1,500 Units

Planet Panic Achievements

  • Dog-Like Dude - Choose the Dog team 10 times. - 1,500 Units

  • Orb Collector - Pick up 250 orbs. - 5,000 Units



Tilted Towers

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  • Party Hard: Keep a dance animation for 15 minutes
  • What have I done?: Dab.
  • I think I’m about to throw up - T-pose for 5 minutes
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Hail to the King, Baby
Kill 666 Infected with the Double Barrel Shotgun

True Classics
Kill 2,500 Infected with Bullet Weapons

Zombie Rave Party
Kill 2,500 Infected with Futuristic Weapons

Social Distancing
Knock an Infected away with the Sonic Shotgun’s Altfire, then kill them.

Winners don’t do Drugs!
As the last survivor, survive without using your adrenaline.

Kill 100 Infected with the Tommy Gun

Kill 47 Infected with the Dual Silencers

Zombie Massacre

Zombie Genociderest XRd Revelator Ultra Deluxe Edition & Knuckles: Genocide Harder
Genocide 53,597 Zombies


Spoiled Brat
Used all your parents’ money to try every arcade machine

You mean you gotta use your Hands!?
Play 25 games of Lonely Gun


Revive a 2 year old thread to make pop culture references.