The ability to change the music files?

Is there a way to currently change the music files? If not, will there be some way to in the future?

Since the music is packaged into .uasset files, you’d need the UE4 editor to open them.
But, custom music would be a nobrainer Workshop content.

What’s wrong with the current music? :wink: You just made @donglekumquat sad.


I still have the original Paradise music from Gmodtower :smiley:

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I still have the version with lyrics. :smile:

(ay could you send that to me? I miss it)

As for right now, I think modding is against the EULA. So watch yourself.

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(Is there a way you could send me a file of it? I really liked that version.)

@donglekumquat’s music is honestly the only music I listen to outside of TU… Is that a bad thing?

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No, because I listen to it a lot too.

No, I listen a lot to it too.