The 6 bugs I've found so far

  1. You can’t jump in water, leading to getting stuck in it:
  2. You can fly out of the map if you fly between the theater and the arcade
  3. You can accidentally trigger a UI element twice, leaving you stuck in the first one you created
  4. The UI doesn’t like 800x600
  5. Sometimes when switching between third and first person, you become unable to look around.
  6. Holding crouch and space while a jetpack is equipped makes the sound and effect appear, but you don’t actually fly

BONUS (Couldn’t reproduce this): If you edit an item by doing the 3rd bug while standing on it with a jetpack and using the 6th bug, when you save the render will crash and you’ll be unable to kill the game unless you use command prompt.

the bonus one, are you sure you weren’t doing the uncrouch into a ceiling crash?

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What’s a ceiling crash?

Ah, you might be right on that, I never thought to try that. Does the ceiling crash crash to desktop or keep the gaming running?

The ceiling crash is simply what i like to refer to a bug in the game currently, it’s basicly if you stack a lot of stuff ontop of eachother and then crouch to get ontop of it, if you then uncrouch (if it’s high enough to put you into the ceiling) then it will crash your game

It keeps the game running, it pops up with a crash report and then refuses to close unless you stop the process

It doesn’t like any resolution that has 4:3 aspect ratio, just an FYI

Thanks for your report! This has been forwarded straight to our Trello board. You can track its status there.

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Please report these as separate bug threads if applicable still.

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