That weird 'future' deja-vu

I know I’m not the only one, because loads of people talk about it too.
Anyway, whilst responding to a topic written by @Tire_Iron just now, it suddenly came to me that I’d seen that thread before. Not long before Lobby 2, and well before Tower Unite was announced I’d dreamt of that exact topic.

I remember waking up and suddenly thinking “But Tower Unite isn’t out yet.” then wondering why I thought that.
I began asking friends nonstop if they knew anything about a GMTower sequel, to no avail.

I’d eventually just forgot about it until now.

Have any of you had any of these deja-vu future dreams? Share your stories in this thread!


I never had this as a dream, but I always remember telling my friend days after he showed me GMT, that I wish they would make a standalone because GMod was holding GMT back. I could just tell. A couple years later, Tower Unite.

Granted, I’m sure MANY people had this excat wish/thought process, but thats the only little thing I can think of off the top of my head.

I personally never expected a sequel. I was pleasantly surprised. :smiley_cat:
I was however always saying to friends that Lobby 2 was truly making the Source Engine show its cracks.

can’t say I’m sure what’s worse, that someone I’ve never met had a dream about a post I made, or that I have to have been a complete clod in their subconscious as well for it to have been memorable :laughing:

We must’ve been fated to meet~ :heart:

On a serious note, I always vividly recall these ‘future dreams’ when the actual event happens in reality.

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now that I think about it, I did have one instance where I had a dream that came true a couple weeks later.

The house in front of the one I was living in at the time was up for sale for over a year. I had a dream one night that a couple with a newborn moved in and needed help moving furniture.

Maybe a week and a half later the for sale sign was gone, and two and a half weeks later the moving truck shows up, and they’ve got a week old baby to take care of. I regret helping them move in though, they were… not the best of people.

I dont know why it happens, but I happen to be an avid fan of doctor who, so my explanation comes in the form of a quote.

“Its not a coincidence, its just remembering backwards.”

I’ve had similar situations in the past. They’re actually frequent to me as in happen various times during a year. They are mostly minor things such as passing through a specific place, solving a specific exercise or simply doing other minor things. When I joined University last month for some reason I was having Deja vus at all time for no reason.

Sometimes gotta wonder if it’s Jamais vu instead of a Deja vu.

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what in the world am i reading

Yep. I had the same thought after playing Gmod Tower for awhile.

Sometimes, there will be a moment where I remember a scene or action (such as someone tripping over some books at school). I don’t know how I know any these moments, but my mind always reacts as if I have remembered that scene in the past. Rarely, some of these moments appear in dreams, but only before the real event. It kinda creeps me out, but I guess it’s somehow cool.

I have things like that to but i usually forget the details but when the point it time comes i feel like i already knew of it. its also random stuff like playing games with my friends i’ll get that kind of deja-vu.

I dream or think about something completely random. And for some reason 75% of the time it comes true.

e.g. I had a dream that at work, my boss would come into work and the first thing he would say to me is “Fuck it lets move some shit around” and then we changed all the rooms around.
What happens the next fuckin day?!?! THAT EXACT THING… EVEN THE DESKS WERE THE SAME

For me, deja-vu is more of a feeling that you think something that just happened has already happened sometime in the past, but you are not sure when exactly, and if it even did (I think that’s the actual meaning of deja-vu?). Unlike in Zeeno’s case, my deja-vu’s happen after approximately a week or a few.

Scientifically, people think deja vu happens when your subconscious observes an environment or event a split second before your normal consciousness does, so you already have a memory folded away in your subconscious. Therefore you think you have a memory of it before now.

Or you are in the matrix.

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