Thank you Pixeltail Games

I have made this topic to thank Pixeltail Games for all the stuff they have done so far.
First, Mac formed Gmtower, a mod for another mod, Garry’s Mod. The team grew, and so did the amount of players.
I joined the tower a month or so before lobby 2 was announced.
My favorite part about Gmtower was the suite, and how you had to play fun minigames in order to build your suite like how you wanted.
The music for the lobby and game worlds was great, too.

When I first heard about Lobby 2, I became a Donor and started beta testing the map. It was really fun.
Once the map was released, I began playing on the normal servers again.

After struggling to add in the content they wanted to, the team decided to make their own stand alone game,
#Tower Unite.
I donated $15 for The Early Bird Gamer status.
Sadly, after a week or two of playing the beta, my computer decided that it should die.
Tower Unite is about to go into Early Access, and I hope the game turns out successful. (Oh wait, it already is.)

Thank you Pixeltail Games for making it this far. You guys are the reason I have played almost 300 hours of Gmod. I’ll try my best to build a new PC soon to play again.

Good luck!


Oh man this is so beautiful… -

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Aw :disappointed:
I hope you get your new PC soon.


Rest in Peace computer. You were never the same after…you know…you died.


I took my computer breaking as a sign that I needed to upgrade, and I am so glad I did. Now I can run Tower Unite on Ultra with 4 fps instead of 1.


I just want to say thanks to the Pixeltail team. You guys try your best to keep this amazing community going. We’re all here cause of you, keep up the great work.

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