Thank you for the Warm Welcome!

Since my introduction thread closed, I figured this was the best place for this:

I wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it. Many of you asked for the link to my Twitch and wanted to know a little more about my community, so here are the details…


We’re a community gaming channel, which means everything we play we play with the community. I also have very strict rules on what games we play to allow the maximum number of people to join in. Cost of the game, Micro Transactions, and CPU power needed to run the game are all considerations, which is why I gave Tower Unite a try…it seemed like a perfect fit. Viewership seems to be slowly growing for the game, so we’re certainly going to stick with it to see if it will continue to grow. The fact that we opened up by giving way 4 copies of the game helped grow interest in the game a little more quickly.

I also wanted to apologize for not being here. Because I stream every day and work with several communities in DIscord, I won’t be able to hang around the forums as much as I would like, but I will make a point of stopping in on a regular basis to say hello and check in.

Thank you all again, and I’ll see you in game! We’re actually streaming the game tonight, so feel free to stop in and say hello!


we are honored to give you the warmest of welcomes


Oh wow, well glad to see another content creator here! Sorry I didn’t swing by on your intro post, I don’t often make a huge presence on the forums.

Anyway, I’m Alex. I run the Prizim Podcast, a Bi-weekly show held in my studio and streamed on Twitch on, in, and about Tower Unite! Mainly we have shorter shows, talking about updates and recent progress, or events, per se. We also have game night shows from time to time too. While the following is small, I hope to one day have the show be something many players here can look forward to and enjoy!

Anyway, introductions aside, welcome to Tower Unite! I look forward to seeing you guys in action! I hope you guys have fun here, and if you need any help, feel free to ask me or anybody about anything you need!



I don’t recall saying hello on the original thread. So welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around!


Egg hello and welcome

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hello again! you’re welcome for the warm welcome!

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