Thank you for getting me dancin'

This is prob the wrong place to put this but i’m short of time and big on feels! I just wanted to say I love this game and the building is amazing! But I also came to say I really enjoy the music in this game. The new main screen song and the new race song are so catchy! OH, and the galaxy ball race song…it’s my favorite!! These adorable songs make me dance in my chair! Had to say these things!!
Thank you all who work on this game. You rock! /dances away happily <3


Something kinda neat is that the current main menu song is the same song that was used back in some of the original game trailers, way back in 2016. I think that’s pretty cool (:


Oh, is it really? Been too long. Didn’t even realize that.

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the song is called kickstarter on soundcould as it was played in the kickstarter video