Thank you, devs and players!

I just want to write this because you guys deserve appreciation.
Developers, you kept Gmod Tower up for so many time, I loved every second I played in it and I still enjoy it a lot, now that i’ve been playing with a friend, even more.
Up to this day it’s still up and running, and now with a BIG and AWESOME thing coming, Tower Unite, I seriously can’t wait to play it, it looks awesome, for sure is one of the games I am more hyped about.

I just wanted to thank you all for this awesome work and the attention you give to all your community, you didn’t create just a gamemode or a server, you created the best community i’ve ever been to. Almost everyone from here are awesome , people it’s funny to talk to.
You made me make friends, get closer to friends I already had and made me laugh almost everytime I played.

I don’t know when I started playing, but it was way before Lobby 2, maybe 2012~2013. Then I did not have any money, so the first chance I got to donate, I did, not just because of the benefits, but because you guys deserve.

I’ve been suggesting some things me and my friend are thinking about, and I loved that admins and players replied and liked the idea, that just made me love you all even more. Keep up with the good work, i’ll buy Tower Unite the first second I see it on Steam, no matter what the price will be here on Brazil.

You all are awesome people! :joy:

(Also, sorry if my english isn’t the best <3)