Textures That Should be Condo Surfaces


Black Ceiling Tiles

These Tiles on the Casino

Poseidon Entrance Floor

Fresh Counterside

Beach House Floor

Tile Wall (minus black part, maybe)

This Wood

Wavy Part Tiles

Toy Stop Wallpaper



Dirt & Twigs

Beach House Ceiling

Theater Floor (in default condo’s bathroom, but not selectable for other surfaces)

Bowling Carpet


Boardwalk Wood

Dark Wood

Concrete Tiles

Bowling Concrete(?) Floor (Used in Suite’s secret room, but not selectable for other surfaces)

Poker Room Carpet

Stone Tiled Floor

Floor Tiles + Carpet

Brick Wall


Transit Station Floor

Casino Entrance Edge Floor

Sorry for the almost 1-year bump but more textures:

Rock, Grass, Sand and Wet Sand

Yellow Wall, White Wall, Floor Tiles

Tile Grass, Golf Barrier Thing

Grass, Dirt


Sidewalk, Road, House Wall



Dock Wood

Brick Floor

m o r e

Black Roof Tiles

Sweet Suite Wood Planks

Weathered Brick Wall


Smooth Brick Wall

Marble Tile

Tower Lobby Wave Tile

Tower Lobby Carpet

Laser Tag Lobby Tile

Plaza Grass Floor

Lighthouse Brick TIle (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Dirt Floor w/ Rocks

Pool Tiles

Lazy River Wall Tiles

Metal(?) Wall

Peeled Wallpaper (this is used in Condo as of a couple updates ago, but I don’t think it’s in the material select)

Tile Carpet (not-gray version)

Striped Wallpaper


Theater Concessions Tile (without black line if possible)

Fake Room

Boardwalk Wood Tiles

Songbirds Mosaic Floor

Songbirds Stage Floor (also the stage itself would be a cool item)

Little Crusaders Checker Tiles

Putting Greens Grass

Little Crusaders Brick Wall

Hospital Tile Floor

Plaza Tile Floor

I cannot express enough how much I need these textures I am losing power jamie give me the cookies NOw


some more textsa

Theme Park Asphalt

Beige Brick Wall

Island Border Wall

Island Sand

Sunrise Isles Sand

Forest Putting Green Grass


Nightclub Tile Floor

Nightclub Concrete Floor

Nightclub Stage Floor

Nightclub Wood Wall 1

Nightclub Wood Wall 2

Nightclub Fabric Wall

Nightclub Wood Wall 3

Nightclub Gamer Texture

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Shooting Gallery Ride Red Wallpaper

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