Teleporter relative and absolute rotation toggle brought absolute teleporter rotation options that allow for players to be set to a specific rotation in world space; however, it replaced the original method which didn’t alter the player’s rotation at all. The unforeseen consequence is that it is now impossible to preserve the player’s relative rotation as they’re entering the teleporter and have it apply when they are actually teleported. This ruins some non-euclidean hidden teleporter/ room extension tricks to an extent.

Ideally the ui would have a toggle between the current ‘absolute’ rotation and a new ‘relative’ rotation that just adds quaternion values to the player’s current rotation prior to entering the portal. A more advanced implementation would take into account relative rotation across the board, but that’s almost unnecessary.

Hell, I’d even settle for a toggle that goes between the current ‘absolute’ rotation system and the old one (disabled).

I think it’s been mentioned offhandedly that this will be looked into, but I absolutely agree.

Just about all of my condo builds that use teleporters were already built with the old way in mind so that the player was naturally influenced into facing an intended direction when walking through them, but should they choose not to, their movement and direction would still be fluid and unencumbered.

For example, walking backwards through a teleporter disguised as a tunnel or door had you coming out of the opposite end backwards too, which felt good and natural, as opposed to now, which will whip your character around 180 degrees whilst you notice the sudden stop in momentum.

The new way was definitely needed, but I would like the old one back as well.

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Yes, that’s a great example of a teleporter technique that is negatively impacted by only allowing absolute player rotation through teleporters. Walking backwards through the tunnel used to work seamlessly, but now walking backwards would cause the player to constantly teleport back and forth as walking backwards will always lead the player back to the opposite teleporter.

This is now a feature in the next update.


Better yet: you can make it relative now. Setting the rotation to (0,0) makes it behave as it did before the rotation change with the absolute rotation setting set to off.