Taking pets to the plaza to show them off (maybe special interactions aswell?)

I know this is a bit of an odd request but my god would I love to have a hamster in my condo which i can feed and play with and then take around the plaza and it has its needs you have to take care of for them to give you some rewards after a while.

Hadn’t thought about active pets before so here’s a few ideas to add:

  • Feeding is optional, instead you’re basically giving it treats (avoids starving, sad pets)
  • Taking it for a walk activates a “Friendship Leveling” system, which is like Experience and gives you rewards based on the pet.
  • More interactions with pets in Condos (Petting, Playing Fetch, Yeeting, Riding)
  • Items they’ll interact with (Beds, Toys, Litterboxes)
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could be added nicely to https://trello.com/c/ct17zt5n/113-condo-pets

I completely forgot about that feature… it’s been on the backburner for so long.

Oh that’s cool, didn’t know that was actually on there.
Yeah, the feature to take them around the plaza would be a great addition imo

Man that would be awesome, having your own pet you can show off in the plaza and maybe even grow.

On a side note:
Something really cool I saw a game called “Wobbledogs” on Steam pull off was, that the shape of the animal changed based on what food you gave to it or with what kind of animals it bred. The food determined the limb sizes or fur patterns and such. That’s maybe also worth a thought, although I imagine it’d be hard to implement properly.