Taking MSPaint profile pic requests

I’m bored and I need to forget that I start my second year of uni next week, so I’m accepting “commissions” to draw your profile pic with MSPaint.
Doesn’t cost anything, just be the first to ask for a drawing and you’ll get it first, I’ll try to post as much “art” as I can :pencil2:

Oh and here’s my “portfolio” as all the cool artists like to call it:

do this

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Sign me up!

There you go

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Good practise

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@Vanmax22 :

@Nommiin : just ask him, I’m not posting it here ;_;

More to come tomorrow

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Thanks in advance.

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hey guys, he said profile photos not any photo

well hell my profile pic was made in mspaint

here is a better duck den

How bout this.

Can you do that? If you do, imma put this on steam as my profile picture. :3

@MaskedKatz :

@ScrungoBungus :

More to come later


oh cool

It was not a threat though, You can do it if you want to. :wink:


Don’t necro like this, thanks.

But it’s not a necro

24 days is still quite a bit.