TaiG Jailbreak Released!


After installing the iOS9 beta, I then realised I had completely ignored the fact that I had just thrown away my jailbreak. But guess what?! A new version on TaiG has been released! Now you can jailbreak the iOS 8.3 firmware.

What even is jailbreak???

There are essentially 2 users that you have on your iDevice (kind of like windows): the restricted normal one that you are forced to use, and ‘root’, the user that basically has access to the whole device. Jailbreak allows the use of ‘root’ to install tweaks, themes and other awesome things that you normally can’t have on your iDevice.

So yeah, i’m happy.

I must confess I thought in GMod’s Jailbreak. Maybe I’ve been playing it a lot lately

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I’m more of an Android guy, but I guess this is cool for anyone who has an iPhone.

Tbh last time I checked all the jailbreak themes are really tacky, same goes for most themes on android. All my devices used to be rooted but when lolipop came out I had no need for it.

Edit: Woah, necro

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