TableTop Style Games (Chess, Playing Cards, Board Games, etc.)

Adding tabletop style games to Tower Unite would be a great addition!

I can’t decide whether it would be best added to Condos, the Plaza, or Game Worlds…
I can see the benefit to each of those.

But the general idea is adding things like:

-Board Games
-Playing Cards (Possibly with workshop support to allow more possibilities)


All of these could be added together into a new Category in the Collection book called “Tabletop” with its own XP Bar, set of achievements, and awards.

What do you think of this idea??

Some house games are planned currently for Arcade Phase 2. I believe Connect-4, Simon, and Darts are planned. I’d like it if they gave functionality to the Chessboard and allowed you to play either checkers or chess from it.

Cards would also be fun, workshop skins would be a good addition as well.


I am pretty sure chess and checkers is planned for Arcade Phase 2. Billiards will also be added soon.

would be awesome to have scripting ability like Tabletop Simulator.

Bumping in order to suggest a dedicated space for tabletop games, instead of sharing the arcade.