Table Tennis

Hi everyone I an new here and I’ve just joined the Tower Unite forum. I can’t wait to start playing Tower Unite and I’m really looking foward to it. So I would like to make a suggestion. Who would like to see Table tennis tables added to Tower Unite ? I absolutely love playing table tennis and I think it would be a great ideal sport to have in the game.

What do you guys think ?

For some reason I am slowly starting to fear that the game will have too many second life elements in it. The game is not supposed to be second life though. But sure, why not table tennis? Only problem is how you would play it properly with just a keyboard (and without making it look ugly).
EDIT: Nvm, I forgot the mouse for some reason :V

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Yep that’s true, I never actually thought about the controls of to how you would play Table Tennis through a keyboard. You could use the left and right keys I suppose to move to your avatar left and right and to hit the ball with your tennis racket you could use the spacebar or click the left mouse button. I don’t really know what the best controls for Table tennis could be but these controls that I’ve just said could easily work.

It could be like most motion-controlled table tennis games where you use the cursor to move the paddle.