Table games miss potential: Random starting order

The Casino Phase 2 Update was great! Me and my friends love the new additions but some of the new table games (blackjack and five card draw) still miss a random starting order. Sure, in the case of blackjack it doesn’t matter but Five card draw and especially texas holdem miss this feature a lot.

Me and my friends always come back to play some rounds of such table games but we always have to manually switch our seats to enjoy playing it for more than a few rounds. Just imagine the one who is always the last to make a turn, he has all the information of the previous players so he is always reacting to them while the first to start always needs to make a wild guess without any feedback of the others.
Through many sessions in our experience the first person to start is at a large disadvantage.
We don’t even need blinds but just switching who makes the first bet should fix the balance problem we see.

Would be really awesome as these games have such high potential for nice sessions, even with random people.

An Blind option would be excellent. Manually cycling through players with the big blind and little blind each round could keep things fresh and interesting.

Agreed, it actually becomes an unfair advantage in pub games