TAB Menu

How many features in the current TAB menu will be the same, and is there anything new that is being brought to it?

Hard to say at this point, though we’ll be moving the settings/character customization/achievements menus to buttons on the inventory/main menu, since we now have the room for it.

The tab menu will be more about listing players and friends and less about controlling settings, appearance, and what GMTower does.

Because we are standalone we can dictate what is on the pause menu so most of the original tab features will be moved to that.


What if the character customization menu will even be in the main menu? :open_mouth:
We can expect anything to change to anything, because as Mac said, they have 100% control of everything :coffee:

Yep. Everything is subject to change, people. And I THINK we’ll have links to character customization on the inventory AND on the main menu for the time being, anyhow.


Awesome <3

Is the private beta going to be something for youtubers or everyone?