Sword wall

Am I missing a meme here or what is the suggestion? Just posting an image could mean all sorts of things.

just for decoration always wanted a medieval weapons wall

Canvases can do that already.

i mean, it wouldn’t hurt to have this, but, im gonna have to turn this one down because it would be pointless to work on this when theres ahem alot of other stuff

Canvases are only 2d, though. They can’t give you the depth that an actual item could. I’d definitely like to see this at some point.

Normal map support on canvases sounds more like it.


A sword wall as an item wouldn’t really be worth making; it’s too specific, and I think few people would want it. Rather, I think that making a few unique sword items would be best. With individual sword items, they’d appeal to a broader audience while still giving you all the tools you need to make the sword wall you want.