Swappable Nature Textures

I really like how some of the wall/flooring textures in the condo can be swapped. I was thinking what if the same could apply for the nature outside the condo.

Such as either:
-Replacing the beach with a higher water level thus the beach-accessing stairs turn into a dock for a usable boat/SkiDoo
-Swapping the beach’s sand with stones, grass, marsh/wetland, frozen beach & water, no water w. sand dunes & cactuses etc
-Changing the rock arch texture
-Chosing from a variety of skyboxes

Just an idea I thought would be awesome for condo customization.


Skybox Variation was a thing planned for GMTower in Lobby 2 already. Would be amazing to see it in TU especially because there is so much more potential for a feature like this in UE4.