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tower unite microsoft visual c++ 2015 runtime error help me please

Including the exact error message will make assisting you easier.

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i dont know if i’m on the correct section, but i just want to ask why does my tower unite keep telling me that my microsoft visual c++ 2015 is not running, even know i’ve installed it long time ago,

i’ve tried several things like uninstall and installing it again, restarting my comp, but no luck i still cant launch the game

Would be great if you could tell us the error message itself since that would really help find the cause of the issue.
The error message you’re looking for looks similar to this: 0x60090135 - Not enough memory available

Since it aint running when it’s ordered to im guessing that the redistributable is incorrectly installed, not the correct version or a file is corrupted.

I would recommend downloading the redistributable directly from Microsoft’s own website instead of letting the steam launcher do it in case it bugs out.
Then just running the installer and let it do its thing, and if it fails for a reason other than “This program is already installed” then post the error code in the thread.

As for the possibility of the installer messing up during the process or having a corrupted file.

Head into your search bar and type in “programs” and click on “Add or remove programs”.
Select the search bar in the program list and type in “visual” and find the 2015 entry.
Click on it and select modify, if that option is greyed out select remove and then click on “repair” in the installer window that pops up.
Let the installer do its thing, and if any files are corrupted or missing it should be able to fix that on its own.

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