The idea is simple, we have potions to become bigger or smaller but we don’t have a potion that makes you faster or slower or even seeing everythin upside down IDK, something magical. Buuuuut… there are other options like clothes (I mean, a Flash disguise (WITHOUT COPYRIGHT) that makes you the fastest man alive… or at least the fastest man logged in) or even a candy/soda from the vending machine.

So, if were talking speed ups you can buy, they’d all have to be slower then the speed shoes that backers got, otherwise, i’m all for crazy potions and stuff, like the ones in GMT. I don’t know about clothes though, maybe that would be better suited for a clothing store. I know the current player avatars are placeholder, so maybe we’ll see special costumes once they add in better playermodels.

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We plan to have more potions when cooking comes out that will actually be needed in the ocean expansion.


Ocean Expansion coming next year, right?

The Trello is still accurate, so it is set for Q3-Q4.

Yeah, it’d be a bit disrespectful to the backers who helped fund the game if everyone else got something that was faster than the speed shoes.
That, and its funny to ask people to do a race, knowing full well that you’ll win :3 *Evil laugh *


I cant believe TU is pay is now win /s

I hope that spelling was also sarcasm.