[Super Mario Maker] How do you feel about the unlocking system?

So… I decided to make a GameFaq’s message board account to discuss my opinions on the unlocking system in Super Mario Maker. Worst life decision I’ve ever made.

So now I’m coming here to share my opinions, and hear all your opinions.

So how do you guys feel about the unlock system in SMM? Personally, I think they could’ve done better. Like, why would you restrict everyone’s creativity on day one? Instead, they should’ve had options. Perhaps have an option to say how much experience you’ve had with level editors. Each option would then give you more to play with on day one. That way experienced people could explore more of their creativity without greatly limiting them.

What do you all think?

There is no reason for there being an unlock system of any type in what is essentially a glorified level editor. The way they are handling this basically means that no player made stages will be at their full potential until a week after release, when everybody finally has all of the content. Knowing Nintendo I didn’t expect everything to be usable right out of the box, but locking it behind a timer is just stupid.

I honestly really don’t care. Just a reason to play it longer.

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What would’ve been better is if Nintendo made us play one level they created in the 10-mario challenge, unlock the features that were in that level, and force us to use those features for 5 minutes. It’s basically saying “hey, now that you know what these elements do, you can use them in your own levels!”

I, personally, don’t care about the unlocking system because you can just time travel and get it all in about an hour. But if time travelling wasn’t possible, then I’d be perfectly fine with it because it makes you play more to unlock more things, and I’ll already be playing it 24/7 anyway so it’s not an issue.

PS: When I say “time travel” I mean changing the date on your Wii U so it’s the next day

Then what’s the point of the unlocking system if everyone’s going to cheat to get it all? If Nintendo doesn’t change this dumb decision, I might cheat to get it. It’s basically saying “fuck you Nintendo and your unlock system.” I read that people think Nintendo did this to avoid the flooding of their servers on Day 1. Which doesn’t make sense.

Also, it doesn’t make you “play more”. It makes you play five minutes every day with the tools you have available. I think it’s a form of padding gameplay. Something you should never do in videogames.

While it essentially sounds like an okay idea, it’s really limiting and I think it would/will put people off the game as they won’t be able to create what they want and how they want it. It reminds me of little big planet however in that, you only unlocked likes models that you didn’t REALLY need. I wonder if players who play more than create cares about this but in my opinion it’s silly

It also helps that LBP is an actual game with fun secrets and unlockables while the level editor is just another mode. But Super Mario Maker’s level editor mode is the essential part of the game. I can’t reason why anyone would defend this, to be honest, but I’m open to hear opinions. The “having everything is daunting for new players and younger kids” thing is bull-crap though. Just look at Minecraft with it’s extensive creative mode list. Kids eat that game up.

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