Super Long Resort Condo Video Tour (feat: Streamerman SuperJarod)

The video is long but it’s a mellow tour with me and my kid. It’s timecoded to skip around. Nothing flashy just a tour.

When I started playing TU I thought “I’ll never reall bother with the condo stuff” and just threw some potatoes in the shower and GMT trophies in the pool and was done with it (so edgy). In time, as more condo things existed I placed some more stuff around but was actually having a bit of fun doing so. I found myself saving up for the underwater condo and creating themes for each pod. I started having friends regularly stop by to see it. When the resort came out I thought “this would be great for a community condo” and was 1 of the 5000 people to post my great original idea to the community forums. I thought “until then I’ll fill out some of the rooms” - maybe a month later I had filled up most of the space myself and told my community to get their own.

I love games that get me invested into something I had zero interest in. I went from chucking trophies in a pool to creating a 45 minute video tour of something I’m actually very proud of. My friends play TU more casually, so they often talk about how over the top my condo is and I’m very happy with that. I know this doesn’t compare to what a lot of you are making, but I’m not competitive so it’s ok. Just wanted to share it.

It was fun to build stuff and I still have loads more ideas. It’s also nice to have in depth tools to experiment with while still being easy enough for my kid to use. He’s got his own resort condo and his own shower to pile potatoes in. :potato:


That’s a really impressive resort, a lot of time must of been spent making it. I really love the race tracks you’ve built, one time you should host public and have one big race!
Also super sweet you play with your son, glad you two are having fun~

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If I think about it, I’m pretty sure most of the time I’ve spent in the game has been specifically working on the underwater/resort condo. I’d be shocked if it was less than 500 hours… crazy to think of all the changes (which is another reason for videos like these)

A big race sound like a great idea, especially now that defaultpak is public people can load in a lot easier… once I get some signs to help navigate around I’ll do public hosting. I’ll focus on that next.

And thanks I do love playing with my kid. TU is by far the most versatile game for me, I can play it with grown adults and him at the same time and we all have a great time, it’s actually really hard to find games that do both, especially so well.

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So many secrets you placed all around the resort, Awesome work!

I also liked Entertainment plaza being so sporty and filled with games.

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Oh man it just keeps on going!

I really like the video, the narration is enjoyable and it’s pretty wholesome.
more people like you should be playing the game.

(i’m also slightly biased because i ported a lot of the models showed off in the video hueh)

Have some likes :gift_heart:

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Ahh thank you so much for the response, and especially for all the work you do. When workshop models came out it increased my love (and playtime) of this game exponentially. Most of what I put in my condo is inspired from workshop content available, and I notice now how many of yours I’m using (you even have some of the highest quality models in my resort). Going thru your list there’s a handful of stuff I missed that I’m already making plans for, I’m not even joking haha.

Specifically, I gotta say seeing anyone who’s even played Wii Sims is great enough, it’s even better you put in the Chef from it. And dude, thank you very much for adding Kapp’n because the animal crossing group had this lingering emptiness until yesterday. I wish I could plop him in the full size speed boat as a permanent addition.

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